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Products and Services

Products and Services

 Products & Services

Dredging operation:

-    Capital and Maintenance dredging
-    Backfilling/ Land development by cutter suction dredger including excavation, leveling and compaction work
Ship Construction, Repair & Maintenance

-    New dredger construction
-    New construction of class approved LPG carrier/ Tanker
-    New construction of Mooring / Navigational Steel Buoy
-    New construction of pontoon & Deck loading barges
-    New construction of Ro-Ro/ K-type Ferry
-    New construction of Oil Tanker
-    New construction of Bulk Carrier
-    Conversion & Repair of any kind of inland vessel like Ferry, Passenger vessel, Oil tanker, Bulk Carrier, etc

Piling Works/Transportation

-    Piling Works
-    Vibro Hammer, Crane Barge, Tug, Crawling Crane Renting

Construction Service:

-    Industrial Steel structural shed fabrication & erection
-    Industrial & residential Civil Construction
-    Dry Dock construction for ship fabrication & repair
-    Industrial pavement works
-    Industrial & residential Cast-in-situ piling by hydraulic micro drilling & foundation equipment
-    Construction of Tank terminal/ Fuel Storage terminal
-    Construction of Cold Storage/ Agro preserver plant
-    Any Type of Steel Structure

Offshore Engineering:
-    Jetty construction (Dolphin, Loading-Unloading, “T” Head, etc.)
-    Break Water system
-    River Bank Line/Shore protection
-    Fabrication & Installation of Sub-Sea pipelines for LPG Mother Terminal
-    Fabrication & Installation of PLEM for LPG Mother Terminal
-    Fabrication & Installation of CBM system
-    Installation of Jetty Fendering system
-    Topography survey & Ground Investigation

Onshore Engineering:
-    Fabrication & Installation of LPG Storage plant/ Terminal (Mounded/Above Grounded/ Spherical)
-    Fabrication & Installation of LPG Satellite plant
-    Fabrication and Installation of  Auto LPG dispensing station
-    Fabrication & Installation of Reticulated Gas System (piped Gas system) for households
-    Fabrication & Installation of Liquid Off Take System (LOT)
-    Fabrication & Installation of Vapour Off Take System (VOT)
-    Gas/ Fluid Transmission Line Fabrication & Erection